Monday, May 2, 2016

Out Now !! SHR09 : Criaturas " La Oscuriad Continua " - Cassette Tapes

 Out Now !! SHR09 : Criaturas " La Oscuriad Continua " 

CRIATURAS hails from Austin, TX, with members of other great local punk acts such as Deskonocidos and Vaaska,Impalers and Kurakka and ex-members of bands like Severed Head Of State and Signal Lost.  Their music can be described as a mix between Discharge and Paralisis Permanente with traces of GISM, Motorhead or Ultimo Resorte,  combining the rawness and aggression with some darkish melodic touch.

Criaturas describes themselves as “unholy rock and roll”

This Cassette Tape Version Include 2 Album Espiritu De Libertad and Oscuridad Eterna

Limited 100 pcs
any order,email to :
also can contact Eddie leal ( Todo Destruido ) here

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