Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kontatto ‎– "Fino Alla Fine" re-released on cassette tape soon !

Thanks to Koppa to give permission to release Kontatto ‎– "Fino Alla Fine" on cassette tape version after two years ago i'm released "mai come voi" in cassette too, that the first release of sickhead recs !

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Out Now !! SHR019 : ABUSE- Manifest "10 Years of Abuse 1994-2004" " Pro cassette Tape

Full speed D-beat 90's crust band that was a small part of the famous and for some people 
almost legendary Uppsala crust scene of Sweden.

A fifty-five track retrospective of this underrated D-beat band from Sweden, this compiles the Mördare and I Guds Namn EPs, a split with DISKONTO, comp and demo tracks, as well as not one, but two previously unreleased sessions, one from ’95-’96 along with their final set from 2004. The newest recordings (which confusingly appear first on this compilation) are probably my least favorite, but the classic releases are unceasingly solid and I ended up enjoying the fact that the recordings got rawer as the CD went on. The throat-shredding vocals are a definite highlight, sounding like the dude had to be rushed to the hospital immediately after each recording, while the fuzzed-out guitars provide some delightfully off-kilter solos that alleviate any concern that this is merely another MOB 47 wannabe. ABUSE deserves a higher position in the Scandinavian crust pantheon and this is a disc that is absolutely worth your time. (WB)
(Haunted Hotel)

 For Fan Mob 47,Totalitar,Anti Cimex,Diskonto..etc

Original cd released by Haunted Hotel Records
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Out Now !! SHR018 : Ssyndrom " History Hysteria Ep" Pro cassette Tape

Ssyndrom " History Hysteria Ep" Pro cassette Tape

D-beat 82 Raw Punk band from Sacramento, California. 
Ssyndrom have a really interesting sound, combining the delay-tastic vocals of Destino Final with the faster, more driving sound of Swedish bands like Meanwhile, first 12"- era Anti-Cimex and early Totalitär - SorryState

Original 7" released by Byllepest Distro

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Out Now !! SHR017 : Korrosive "Discography + Live Track" Pro cassette Tape

Korrosive "Discography + Live Track" Pro cassette tape

Finland ’80 inspired hardcore punk band from Oakland, CA. 
Sounds like Kaaos / Riistetyt / Appendix / Tampere SS and other contemporary punk bands! 

Very Raw Sound and Punky !!
13 Track taken from Original tape released by Fractured Reality when they touring East Cost with Morpheme (Limited 150copy) and Full Live Track from Post-Consumer Studio.

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