Monday, May 2, 2016

Out Now !! SHR08 : Lesion - II ep - Cassette Tapes

 Out Now !! SHR08 : Lesion - II ep - Cassette Tapes

New HC/ Black Metal Punk Stompers from Copenhagen,Denmark.

Lesion is as dark as Copenhagen raw punk gets,Extraordinarily harsh for K-Town."Like Deathcrush era Mayhem sans corpse paint"
The midtempo, gnarly vocals and sludged riffs blend into a wall of noise and distortion, and it's just great stuff. This is their second release, and although the production is beyond rough cut
And so should any fan of midtempo raw punk.
Clever and straight up scary vocals (what's in the singer Mortens head?!) match the riffs just perfect.
"Sectarian rite" is perhaps the best example mixing an almost blackmetal riffpiece with the lyrics:
"Severance from sin - a ceremony in ecstasy". Evil!

7 songs. Totally Dark and Brooding !!
 For Fans Hoax,Halshug,Dogmastic...etc

Limited 100pcs
any order email to :
also can contact to the band,click here
Original Release 7" by adult-crash

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