Sunday, June 4, 2017

Out Now !! SHR019 : ABUSE- Manifest "10 Years of Abuse 1994-2004" " Pro cassette Tape

Full speed D-beat 90's crust band that was a small part of the famous and for some people 
almost legendary Uppsala crust scene of Sweden.

A fifty-five track retrospective of this underrated D-beat band from Sweden, this compiles the Mördare and I Guds Namn EPs, a split with DISKONTO, comp and demo tracks, as well as not one, but two previously unreleased sessions, one from ’95-’96 along with their final set from 2004. The newest recordings (which confusingly appear first on this compilation) are probably my least favorite, but the classic releases are unceasingly solid and I ended up enjoying the fact that the recordings got rawer as the CD went on. The throat-shredding vocals are a definite highlight, sounding like the dude had to be rushed to the hospital immediately after each recording, while the fuzzed-out guitars provide some delightfully off-kilter solos that alleviate any concern that this is merely another MOB 47 wannabe. ABUSE deserves a higher position in the Scandinavian crust pantheon and this is a disc that is absolutely worth your time. (WB)
(Haunted Hotel)

 For Fan Mob 47,Totalitar,Anti Cimex,Diskonto..etc

Original cd released by Haunted Hotel Records
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